What makes a property sell? There are several things a buyer takes into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase your home. Generally, the three most important factors are:


Most buyers agree, location is one of the most important concerns when it comes to choosing a new residence. Location will also have much to do with establishing the value of your property. Unfortunately, as a seller, you cannot change the location of your property; however, there are other factors that you CAN control!


Have you ever pulled up in front of a home with an overgrown lawn, peeling paint and maybe the house number is loose and hanging at a slant? If these items look so bad, can you imagine the condition of those items that are NOT readily visible? Most buyers can—and will strike that house right off their list!

No matter how well maintained your home is, there are always things that can be done to make it more appealing to a buyer. The Quigley Team will gladly point out several simple changes that can be made—inexpensively—to make your home more valuable to today’s buyers! We keep a database of “fixers” (painters, plumbers, handymen, etc.) who can be called on to handle any jobs that you don’t have time for. We can also sell your home in “as is” condition, if that’s YOUR preference.




“We miss you guys and are loving Dallas! Even after two home buys/sells, we still don’t think we could find anyone better. You two definitely know your stuff and are the best in the market! Thanks!“

Alan & Lindsay Baronoskie


is one of, if not THE most important factor to consider when selling your home. If you price your home too low, you may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table, rather than in your pocket! But if you price your home too high, it can sit on the market for weeks or months, making prospective buyers shy away from even looking! They’ll wonder why it hasn’t sold—and may decide that it MUST have something wrong with it! Or they’ll look, and compare it to others they’ve viewed in the same price range—and reject it as overpriced if it doesn’t measure up!

While location and condition will have much to do with determining the value of your house, it is the buyer who will ultimately determine the sales price, taking into consideration the value of other recent sales of comparable properties in the area. All the marketing in the world will not sell something that’s overpriced or unwanted in the eyes of today’s buyers!

The Quigley Team prepares a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) specifically for each home it lists, comparing it with others in the area that have recently been sold, listed or withdrawn from the market. This detailed analysis will provide all the information you’ll need to determine the absolute BEST asking price range for your home—one that will take your personal timing requirements into consideration–AND net the most cash into your pocket!

BEWARE of the agent who gives you the highest price estimate! Some devious agents will quote you a high price in order to get you to sign on the dotted line. Then, when the house hasn’t sold in many weeks, they’ll come back and ask you to lower the price!

With more than twenty years of experience in determining the RIGHT selling price, we can advise you about pricing YOUR home correctly to achieve YOUR real estate goals!


The TERMS of the sale will also be important. The more flexibility you offer to buyers, the more potential buyers there will be for your property. The Quigley Team partners with some of the best financing professionals in the business, enabling us to offer a broad range of mortgage products and options to potential buyers, helping to attract them to YOUR property, rather than someone else’s!

The state of the MARKET will, of course, affect the sale of your property. Competition, availability of financing, interest rates, and the state of the current economy can all have an effect on the market. While we can’t do much to change the market, the Quigley Team can help you take advantage of the market by advising you regarding the best timing for your sale.

At Quigley Team Realty, we tailor our services to YOUR needs. We can provide FULL SERVICE and take care of all the many details of selling your home—OR—we can ASSIST the savvy seller who’s already sold several properties and only needs assistance with some of the details!

If you’ve sold multiple homes in the past and don’t feel that you need help with all the many aspects of selling, Quigley Team Realty offers an “ala carte” seller’s ASSISTANCE program that can be used to save you money if you’re confident that you can sell your home “by owner”.

Have questions? Just give us a call; we’d be happy to answer them or sit down with you to discuss YOUR needs and how we can help YOU!

There is never a charge for a consultation. Remember, our philosophy is:

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